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Rowser World

The art world has always been my fate. As a kid, I was constantly in hot waters for drawing on my mom’s walls. Even in my early school years, I was setting the stage for my art LIFE. My fellow classmates would order costumed art t-shirts made from materials we could find. 
As time passed, art became my favorite hobby. It began with drawing portraits for family & friends and doodling during meetings. Then in one of those meetings, my manager looked over and saw the caricature I had drawn of him. To my surprise, he suggested to stick around after my shifts and offer caricatures to the guests. So I did. Not long after, I met my equally artistically talented wife. And with our new shared passion for art, Rowser World was created.

Rowser World offers caricatures for live events and high quality studio caricatures for businesses, weddings, gifts, and more. Whether you are celebrating a birthday or renovating your business, Rowser World is here to help you. Rowser World is committed to providing superior professional service at affordable rates.

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