Online Caricaturing Classes

We are now offering 1-on-1 online classes on How To Draw Caricatures through ZOOM. 
* The classes will be 30-35 mins long on the available dates. 
* Payment is required for each attending person. 
* Minors must ask permission from their parents/guardians before signing up for class.
* Unauthorized sharing of class login passwords will ban you from all classes and forfeit your payment(s).
* Due to the limited space per class, NO REFUNDS nor RESCHEDULING are allowed within 7 days before class
* Please make sure you are familiar with ZOOM program and have good internet connection. Refunds will NOT be given for 
   these issues. 
* Be on time to class. No refunds/rescheduling for missing or joining in late. 
* Be respectful to everyone in the class. No profanity, inappropriate behavior, bad attitude, nor negativity allowed. 
* Class spots will be filled on first-come-first-serve. Check calendar for availability. 
* Must sign up at least 1 day before class date.  Information will be sent to your email (if missing - check spam folder).
                      Zoom program available:


One-on-One : $45 per person

Group classes NOT AVAILABLE

** US Central Time. **

Check for your local time. 

Class Session Request

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